“Scorned” The Trailer Is Here!!

The feature film “Scorned” is quickly wrapping up.  The movie, directed by Mark Pivot, stars Kelly Fritz, Leslie Wetzel, Charlie Fraley and Linda Newman.

The story is about a young woman named Beth (Kelly Fritz) hitchhiking cross country is offered a much needed ride from Sam (Matt Wetzel) on a lonely highway.  Along the way Sam begins spinning an eerie tale of Midnight Mary (Barbara Redman) and The Hitchhiker (Louie Lawless). The contempt of Midnight Mary’s life being cut short still haunts the isolated roadway. However, Sam wants to add a new twist to the urban legend — the death of Beth.

The night SHE came home…  Written and Directed by Mark Pivot and performances from award winning talents Kelly Fritz, Charlie Fraley, Leslie Wetzel, Matt Wetzel and Louie Lawless along with newcomers Matt Pivot as the quirky Bob and Barbara Redman as Midnight Mary herself, “Scorned” will leave you tingling with creepy goosebumps while it adds a new layer to the legend of Midnight Mary.
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