Barbara Redman’s ‘Scorned’

Barbara Redman and Louie Lawless in ‘Scorned’.

Barbara Redman, the actress that played the eerie role Midnight Mary in Scorned recently commented on her experiences while working on the set.

On location filming ‘Scorned’.

Mark and Matt Pivot, the Producers of Scorned are two peope that have a true heart for filmmaking.  Along with their families, they really are devoted to the craft.”  Barbara spoke.  “It was a true blessing to have worked with Mark and Matt Pivot, along with the entire cast and crew of Scorned.  Being able to experience a life long dream of mine, to work on a movie, it has most certainly left a lasting impression.  I felt so grateful to be given a chance to play Midnight Mary.”

Leslie Wetzel and Matt Pivot preparing for a scene in ‘Scorned’

“This is a cast and crew that has worked so hard to make this movie happen.  I worked right alongside them all.  No one was greedy, or unkind, everyone gave their moral support for one another and we became a family.  A family that will always be remembered and admired by me.”

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