Jamie Little Joins “The Phobic Effect”

Jamie Little of Evansville, Indiana has recently signed on as one of the writers for “The Phobic Effect”.  In charge of the screenplay adaptation of the short story presently titled “Dreams”, Jamie has a passion for theater and writing. 

Jamie is part of the Heyman Talent crew of Louisville, Kentucky and has also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City as a singer.

“I have seven poems published,” Jamie states.  “My first was published when I was 11.  I am currently working on several screenplays for Blood & Guts productions. I am also working on several novels.”

“The Phobic Effect”  is a feature film that embodies several stories of people suffering from a specific phobia.  “Dreams” is one of those stories of a woman that experiences sleep deprivation due to her nightmarish dreams. Nelson Agholor Jersey

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