Flight Delay Filmmakers

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Producer and Director, Mark Pivot

Mark Pivot is a graduate from Full Sail film school. After graduation Mark took on many assignments for camera work, editing and writing. His work was involved in movies (Delivery, Coming Attractions) as well as commercials, infomercials, documentaries, sporting events and social events.

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Mark yearned to create a body of work he could call his own and this passion brought about Aspiring Films. The name came about when Mark concluded that all filmmakers aspire to the art and the challenge of bringing to life a creative vision. “Filmmaking is a never ending learning, awe inspiring process.” Mark reflects.


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Flight Delay became Aspiring Films second movie project. Mark helms the project as Director, Writer, Editor and Producer.  A story originally intended for production during his days at Full Sail’s film school in Orlando, Florida.  “We were going to film this in school.  But then the project was shelved.”  Mark reflects.  “I’m glad, I don’t think I would have had the film I was hoping for in school.” 

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“When it comes to independent projects you learn to wear a lot of hats.” Mark comments. Mark has been writing since he was eight years old. But his desire to tell stories through the media of film didn’t come to light until he had a chance to go see “Star Wars”.


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“When I finally got to see this movie it was two years after it had been out. Got to see it at the “cheap seats” at the time which was a little theater in Kansas City, Missouri and I was completely blown away by the power of filmmaking having such an impact on people. The theater had sold to many tickets and people were literally standing in the aisle watching this movie, two years after its release. I, as a young kid, thought this is what I want to do. I want my stories to be made into movies.” Mark cheerfully comments.


Flight Delay Press Kit          The Director’s Statement          The Filmmakers          Production Journal          Production Stills          Story Credits          Cast          Bios          Links

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