Flight Delay Behind the Scenes

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 Flight Delay was shot over 2 days. A total of 15 hours of filming done at the Princeton Community High School in Princeton, Indiana. Written and Directed by Mark Pivot the story is handled with a flair and style reminiscent of Hitchcock.


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Flight Delay was originally intended to be shot as a film school project but was shelved until Leslie Wetzel invited Mark to her school production of Beauty and the Beast.


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“Within minutes of coming to the show the school just came to mind that Flight Delay might work at this location.” Mark says. “We were still filming Scorned and by the time we wrapped I was convinced Flight Delay needed to be shot at this school.” Mark tossed the idea to Leslie and she was able to secure the location.


images/stories/Flight Delay 11.jpg


Once the date was set, things came together quickly. Over the course of a weekend, Flight Delay was filmed.

Flight Delay Home          Behind The Scenes          Blog          News Photos          Trailer          Production Journal

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